Relaunch 2.02: A Launcher for Windows Media Center (Updated)

Relaunch 2

Relaunch is a 2 foot UI utility to add a new tile to the Extras Library of Windows Media Center. It requires the .net framework 4.x. It is a portable app and does not require installation. All it really does is write an autoit script, and an MCL file for you using this method. Note that it does not change Media Center in any way. If you go delete the files, the tiles you created will go away. If you used Relaunch 1.x to add tiles, be careful to read my note at the end of this post. I added a lot to this release, so read past the break for more information.

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Bandwidth Limiting Workaround for Stuttering Netflix in Windows Media Center

Netflix on WMC homescreen

If you are experiencing stuttering and video tearing due to your home theater PC not being able to decode Silverlight, Netflix has unintentionally done you a favor recently. As they note here on the Netflix blog they added a bandwidth management section to their website. That section has also come out to the U.S. In doing so they unintentionally offered a workaround for the fact that Silverlight is not GPU accelerated and chokes on many Atom HTPCs during HD playback. Work around is after the break!

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Relaunch 1.X: A Launcher for Windows Media Center (Updated)

Example of Relaunch

Relaunch 2.0 has been released. Find it here.
Relaunch is a little utility that will add a tile to the Extras Library in Windows Media Center. It can be downloaded here and the source is here. The .net Framework 4.x is required. Also let’s be clear, this is my first .net app. When Hulu Desktop came out there was a launcher written. There is a launcher for boxee. I got tired of the individual launchers and decided to write a universal one.

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