Accessing a Varying Vagrant Vagrants VM From Another VM

Wordpress in IE8

For the uninitiated, Varying Vagrant Vagrants is a project that builds a virtual machine running Wordpress by using Vagrant. It configures a virtual machine with Nginx and serves up a few different versions of Wordpress. Unrelatedly, Microsoft provides virtual machines for testing various versions of Internet Explorer. I needed to test something in IE8, so vagrant up, fire up the IE virtual machine, apologize to the memory of your laptop and away we go! It turns out the way Nginx is configured doesn’t make it easy to access the server from another machine on the same host. Read on for the rest.

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Using Vagrant with Ubuntu Server on Windows

Vagrant Running in Powershell

Recently I’ve been looking into using Vagrant to manage my virtual servers at home. I have a Windows Home Server 2011 box that manages my backups along with some virtual servers. Vagrant lets you take a base template virtual server, configure it, and spin up a new instance. As a consequence, you can spin up a new instance and guarantee the configuration of that server. Also if a friend comes over and wants his very own LAMP server to hack on, I can just spin out a new one. Head past the break for more!

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