How to Fix Dell XPS 13 Touchscreen and Suspend Issues In Fedora

After updating Fedora on my Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, the suspend/resume stopped functioning. After resuming from being suspended, the laptop would immediately reboot. There had also been a long running issue where the touchscreen would not work after resuming from being suspended. The latter did not bother me that much, since I don’t feel the need to use the touchscreen all that often. The former, however, was going to be a huge issue. After a lot of digging and trying out all kinds of things, I stumbled upon something that finally worked. Head past the break for the fix.

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Using Vagrant with Ubuntu Server on Windows

Vagrant Running in Powershell

Recently I’ve been looking into using Vagrant to manage my virtual servers at home. I have a Windows Home Server 2011 box that manages my backups along with some virtual servers. Vagrant lets you take a base template virtual server, configure it, and spin up a new instance. As a consequence, you can spin up a new instance and guarantee the configuration of that server. Also if a friend comes over and wants his very own LAMP server to hack on, I can just spin out a new one. Head past the break for more!

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How to Access the Raspberry Pi with SSH

SSH Window

After following my guide about how to set up the Raspberry Pi, you still need a way to access the Raspberry Pi. My favorite way of accessing the Pi is using SSH to access the command line.
To get SSH working in Windows you’ll need to get the PuTTY utility found here. Use the “Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtel” from the download page. Install PuTTY and you can use it to SSH into the Raspberry Pi. Head past the break for all the details.

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