The Alien’s Guide to Setting Up a Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi is a small Linux computer that has captured the imagination of the hardware hacking community. If you’ve decided to jump in, this guide will help you get started with the device using Windows 7. The Raspberry Pi boots off of an SD card. The operating system we will use is Rasbian “wheezy” which is provided by That’s a funny title, isn’t it? My intention is to provide a guide that an alien could use to set up a Raspberry Pi. Most guides assume some prior knowledge of computing including this one, but hopefully anyone can follow this and get up and running with the Raspberry Pi. If that sounds good, then read on!

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Work Around ISP Blocking Ports for Windows Home Server 2011

Home Server 2011 Login Screen

Windows Home Server offers you remote access to all of your files, that is, if your ISP lets you run a server on ports 80, 443 and 4125. Not every home ISP allows you to run inbound traffic on those ports. Luckily you can work around this by redirecting traffic from the outside internet to your internal network. Before you do anything call your ISP and ask them if they will open up those three ports. Many times they will oblige and you can save yourself a headache. If that does not work and it is not against your terms of service, then there is a way to semi-elegantly work around the blocked ports. Have a look after the break to find out how!

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