Getting Started with Ember.js Part 1: Project Setup

Tomster greeting in the browser

Shortly after sitting down to try and learn Ember.js, I learned that Ember has a “Getting Started Problem.” Everything in the docs seems reasonable, but when you go to make a real world application with a real web server, you realize there are a lot of gaps. Each individual component is well documented, but gluing them together proved to be an exercise in frustration. There are not very many examples of best practices within the context of a real application, instead of a single page to-do app. In this post I’ll take you through making a single CRUD resource. I’ll use a toy example of a car database, from which you can create, read, update and delete cars. We’ll be going through a typical Rails application to serve up JSON using Active Model Serializers to feed the client side application using Ember.js and Ember Data.

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