Work Around ISP Blocking Ports for Windows Home Server 2011

Home Server 2011 Login Screen

Windows Home Server offers you remote access to all of your files, that is, if your ISP lets you run a server on ports 80, 443 and 4125. Not every home ISP allows you to run inbound traffic on those ports. Luckily you can work around this by redirecting traffic from the outside internet to your internal network. Before you do anything call your ISP and ask them if they will open up those three ports. Many times they will oblige and you can save yourself a headache. If that does not work and it is not against your terms of service, then there is a way to semi-elegantly work around the blocked ports. Have a look after the break to find out how!

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Bandwidth Limiting Workaround for Stuttering Netflix in Windows Media Center

Netflix on WMC homescreen

If you are experiencing stuttering and video tearing due to your home theater PC not being able to decode Silverlight, Netflix has unintentionally done you a favor recently. As they note here on the Netflix blog they added a bandwidth management section to their website. That section has also come out to the U.S. In doing so they unintentionally offered a workaround for the fact that Silverlight is not GPU accelerated and chokes on many Atom HTPCs during HD playback. Work around is after the break!

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