How to Fix Dell XPS 13 Touchscreen and Suspend Issues In Fedora

After updating Fedora on my Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, the suspend/resume stopped functioning. After resuming from being suspended, the laptop would immediately reboot. There had also been a long running issue where the touchscreen would not work after resuming from being suspended. The latter did not bother me that much, since I don’t feel the need to use the touchscreen all that often. The former, however, was going to be a huge issue. After a lot of digging and trying out all kinds of things, I stumbled upon something that finally worked. Head past the break for the fix.

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Early Look at Remote Desktop For Windows 8

Start Screen on Developer Preview

Perhaps the only app that is bundled with the Windows 8 Developer Preview that is not only a demo of the new runtime (WinRT) is the Remote Desktop app. This is more in line with what we should see from all of the typical Windows utilities in the new Metro UI context. Instructions and screen shots for using RDC in Windows 8 are after the break.

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Windows Home Server 2011 Connector on Windows 8 Developer Preview

Connect to Home Server Screen

It looks like the Windows Home Server 2011 connector software will install on the Windows 8 Developer Preview. One oddity is that I had to visit http://:65510/connect instead of the usual http:///connect to get Internet Explorer 10 to see the page from the home server. After that little trick, everything else went as expected. Let’s be clear, the Windows 8 Developer Preview is pre-beta software, so tread carefully.

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10 Foot UI Webapps for Your HTPC (Updated)

Youtube tile on Windows Media Center

There are a lot of webapps and 10 foot UI TV-friendly apps out there to get more “over the top” content to HTPC owners. It is a bit of a mess to try to find all of these ways of getting content. Using Windows Media Center, Google Chrome, and my own Relaunch, I can use all of these 10 foot apps to get more content through my HTPC. You don’t necessarily have to use that combination, as any HTPC can run these if you have a way of launching a browser. Head past the break to see the list!

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