Getting The Root Path of an Electron Application

Calling the rootPath function

If you wound up here somehow, you are no doubt confused about how to get the root directory of an Electron app. It’s surprisingly complicated depending on the environmental setup. The path works a little differently in development mode than it does in a fully packaged application in an asar archive. If you’re having trouble, make sure you test both scenarios.

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Deep Merging JavaScript Objects

The JavaScript code to merge objects syntax highlighted. See the actual text below in the post

Deep merging objects in JavaScript is a bit tricky. Here’s one solution; there are many many others. While this was fun to write, you’ll probably want to go use the merge function in lodash instead. None the less here’s some code golf function merge(…sources) { return sources.reduce((target, source) => { // enumerate the sources return […]

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Fastmail Settings for WP Mail SMTP

WP Mail SMTP Settings Panel

After having migrated my mail provider from to Fastmail I needed to get the contact form up and running for WordPress.

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Perfect Footers

Styling footers proves to be a bit tricky. On a site where there’s a lot of content, this is not an issue. However, if you want to have the page be full height and scroll when the content overflows, there is some subtlety to styling the footer. It’s pretty easy to accidentally have the footer float in the middle of the page when the content overflows and the page scrolls. It’s also pretty easy to have the content hide underneath the footer. Head past the break for the details.

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