Correctly Setting the Environment Variables for the Java JDK on Windows

Every time I go to install the Java JDK I forget about setting the environment variables. Inevitably compiling something with the “javac” command fails with the error message “‘javac’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” As if I had a mental lapse I can never remember how to fix this without heading to Google and figuring it out again. For one last time here is how to fix it. Head past the break to fix it by properly setting the buried System Environment Variables.

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Making a Cordless Workspace

Desk after hiding wires

As a weekend project I decided to clean up the cables underneath my desk. Following this post from lifehacker was a huge help. A trip to ikea and some elbow grease later these are the results. Much better! An Extra bonus of the clean up is that I will not get electrocuted. Head past the break to see how it used to look.

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