10 Foot UI Webapps for Your HTPC (Updated)

Youtube tile on Windows Media Center

There are a lot of webapps and 10 foot UI TV-friendly apps out there to get more “over the top” content to HTPC owners.  It is a bit of a mess to try to find all of these ways of getting content.  Using Windows Media Center, Google Chrome, and my own Relaunch, I can use all of these 10 foot apps to get more content through my HTPC.  You don’t necessarily have to use that combination, as any HTPC can run these if you have a way of launching a browser.

Clicker.tv – This is an aggregator app with sources from Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Comcast, and Hulu.

Clicker.tv Example

YouTube.com/xl – Plain and simple: 10 Foot UI for YouTube. YouTubeXL has been discontinued.

Youtube XL Example

YouTube.com/leanback – Another one from YouTube that plays a lot of related videos in succession.

Youtube Leanback Example

YouTube.com/tv – Yet another option from YouTube.  This seems to be the best of the lot for the moment.  You have to use their new pairing procedure to login.  You can also control it from a mobile device!

Youtube TV Example

Hulu Desktop – While not strictly a web app, it is a 10 UI application that gets you access to Hulu’s catalogue.

Hulu Desktop Example

Google TV Spotlight Apps – This one is a meta app of sorts.  It has Crackle, adult swim and clicker.tv links, among many others.

GoogleTV Example

Those are all the HTPC-friendly content sources that I know of. If you have any more, leave a comment!


Vimeo Couch Mode – Another leanback interface for Vimeo. Thanks @TaylorPhone!

Vimeo Couch Mode Example

Google Reader Play – 10 foot UI for Google Reader. Thanks @TaylorPhone! Google Reader has been discontinued 🙁

google reader Play example

Eclipse.tv – Another aggregator of content

Eclipse TV Example

Kylo – a 10 Foot UI browser

Kylo Browser Example

If you know of any others leave a comment!



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  1. malika June 12, 2019

    Great info,excelent , thank you .

  2. Excellent! Updated. Kylo is a great one.

  3. Anonymous April 3, 2012

    Kylo–10 foot UI brower with aggregated home page

  4. Updated! Thanks.

  5. Vimeo Couch mode, and Google Reader Play, just off the top of my head!